Monday, February 15, 2010

the weight of the matter

the counterbalance was what my sister would call a story problem.....what form should it take?  how much weight would it need?  as for the form, i settled on a feather, at the suggestion of a friend, but the feather became two....and three.....and four, until there were twelve feathers positioned in a spray and cascading down the right shoulder.  i had made so many additions to my original solder-joints that when adding more pieces,  it became a challenge not to melt any of the connections i had already made!  and i assure you i did!   i learned the hard way to cool the piece thoroughly, between solderings.  and to use a  separate metal plate to sheild areas i did Not want to reheat.  but the piece at last was balanced!  and i loved it!  i wore it everywhere and other people loved it, too.  only problem being that this one is so mangled by the process that i can only use it to wear myself, and to show the design for a new custom-made piece to fit a new wearer.  but, the whole experience started me thinking that i should consider the back of every necklace i construct......hmmmmmm....more later.


Kathleen O'Neil Stevens said...

I Love this piece Leigh, you are a true artist...beautiful!

JanettMarie said...

I love the engineering that you put into these. I guess it's a must. I remember reading about the trial and error process.... yes, it's a must!