Monday, April 12, 2010

my fortieth pair of earrings!!!

hooooooraaaaaay!  forty new pair!  now i can move on to the necklaces and bracelets!  i have about 20 or more pair to upload to the website, and i'll put out an announcement that they are there.  i've moved some things around at the website, and earrings will have their own gallery.  o.k. it's 4:45 AND I'M GOING TO DRINK NOW!  thanks all.

p.s.  couldn't help's a couple more!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

update on queen kathleen!

kathleen wanted tiny silver oak leaves in her crown.  this looks so lovely in her beautiful red curls!

new stuff

new earrings!  i'm finally getting the pieces and parts put together.  i'm really pleased with the results.  i wish i'd made two of everything, but i didn't.  most are unique. here are a couple of my faves.

these are the first earrings in copper. i love the sheen of this metal. i've finished them not quite flat as they come out of the kiln, just a little bit polished. the triangles are bronze.

these were fun, but i didn't anticipate having to solder the circles together.  i couldn't let them float, though, and i didn't forsee that i would need texture on both sides!

silly me.  love the results, however.  the blue, pink and gold show well.

the silver and gold and red-gold in these look really rich to me.  i am enamored with leaves, if you couldn't tell!
more on the website!