Wednesday, April 7, 2010

new stuff

new earrings!  i'm finally getting the pieces and parts put together.  i'm really pleased with the results.  i wish i'd made two of everything, but i didn't.  most are unique. here are a couple of my faves.

these are the first earrings in copper. i love the sheen of this metal. i've finished them not quite flat as they come out of the kiln, just a little bit polished. the triangles are bronze.

these were fun, but i didn't anticipate having to solder the circles together.  i couldn't let them float, though, and i didn't forsee that i would need texture on both sides!

silly me.  love the results, however.  the blue, pink and gold show well.

the silver and gold and red-gold in these look really rich to me.  i am enamored with leaves, if you couldn't tell!
more on the website!

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