Thursday, March 4, 2010

again and again....and again for the rest of the story.... after a couple of tries, i finally reproduced the accidentally 'broken wings' pendant.  i learned a few things on the way:  don't be in a hurry.  when i cut the clay for the new 'broken wings'  i didn't stop to pay attention to the thickness of the whole piece, thus when i broke off the part to be 'broken', i didn't notice that that part was thinner than the main.  the small piece shrank much more than the rest of it, and so was not usable.  back to the drawing board.  the second piece i fired turned out a much better size, and since i did have the forsight to drill holes for the 'stitches' in the clay while it was in the unfired stage, assembly went much quicker.  here is the finished piece along with the original, it's inspiration.  so next time i'm faced with the question, 'can you recreate an accident?'   i'll be able to say, yes.....yes you can....ifyou think twice! 
 here's one of my poems that seems to go with this. 

sky blue woman

 sky blue woman thought she'd never be whole,
the wind knocked out of her earth-strong soul
.......but when the dust cleared and she shook our her wings,
 she was grateful to find they were still useful things.

  when sky blue woman is brought to her knees,
 the mother earth whispers to the wind in the trees,
 and the trees rise up to speak to the sky
 that bends over the Woman with the visioned eye. 

 the wind and the trees and the sky embrace,
 to dry all the tears from the Woman's face

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