Tuesday, September 7, 2010

other things i've been working on

months ago the good queen molly comissioned a royal portrait in metal of her two golden retrievers, teddy and sarah.  i've been dragging my feet on this, while roalling it around in my mind, because i could not come up with anything more interesting that two dog heads profiled, and slightly off set, one on top of the other.  i had met the dogs, taken dozens of pictures, and thought and thought, but nothing came to me.  finally, finally i came up with a sketch to submit for approval.
she liked it!

the 'K' needed to be in the design to remember a dog long lost.

now i needed to spend the time working on a 3d image that would look like the real teddy and sarah.


wahoo!  molly liked this too!

i am now in the process of casting and firing.  i can take advantage of the 30% shrinkage factor of metal clay adventures bronze and copper clays, and cast and fire several times to achieve the approximate 1 1/2" x 2"  that we want the final product to be.  the original sculpture is 3 1/2" top to bottom.  first firing reduced it to 3" tall.  i've got the second casting ready to go into the kiln, and that will hopefully get it down to 2 1/2".  i'll let you know.  if all goes well the final casting will be in copper, and get the height down to 2".  my goal is to be done with the casting this week.....always good to have goals, ya know.  i'll keep you posted!

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