Sunday, March 27, 2011

designing a new piece

this is a piece that will be a process.  i've been studying on a necklace i picked up on a trip a bunch of years ago, and i have had it on my worktable, in the periphery of my vision for months.  i do this a lot with things i want to use eventually as inspiration.  i'm using it as a springboard for a new design for a 'necklace in the round'.  this is a slide show about using graph-paper to help make a symmetrical base to on which i will begin to make components for the new necklace.

i still have to make the rest of the parts, figure out the closure, work on connections, balance, and the finish.  i really want to do enamel on this piece.  it will be interesting to see where it goes........ an evolutionary process.  i'll keep you posted.



JanettMarie said...

Good luck leigh! Love the movies!

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