Friday, April 15, 2011

like a phoenix!

sometimes when i'm working, a piece breaks.  it is heartbreaking, but, then it becomes a test of wills, between me and the broken piece........ with me saying, "you will become something beautifull!"

i figured and i studied and i figured and i studied, and i finally figured it out!  thanks to my poppo, or was it my mother? who always said "where there's a will, there's a way!"  so....i made a third piece out of sheet copper and used it to back the broken and weak parts. then, i added some leaves to bring the two halves back to the same level, some texture to the backing copper, and viola!  

 here she is, resurrected, and stronger than ever, in all her glory!



Carol said...

Awesome piece, and even more beautiful in person! It is such a gift to watch these transformations that you create in your work!

Betsy Childers Lewis said...

This is beautiful, leigh!

fine art in artful jewelry said...

thansk guys! oh how we all do need our 'peeps' to " egg us on!!!"

JanettMarie said...

This is a phoenix!