Monday, April 2, 2012

"pocket full of secrets"

pocket full of secrets
3"x 1 1/2"

as the moth and butterfly gather leaves and silk to protect the transformation taking place inside, this little cocoon houses a powerful secret.  the top of the piece slides smoothly upward to reveal a black tourmaline nestled inside.  the stone has been used since ancient times to shield the wearer from the negative influences of others.  

creating this box, i have used the lozenge shape that the ethiopians have crafted for hundreds of years to hold the prayerful blessings of priests and loved ones.  this one is made in that same ancient tradition, fashioned from pure love and pure silver with hints of color from glass enamel.  it is hung on a three-ply black leather cord, caught up at intervals with handmade bronze bands.  from the bottom of the little box is suspended bronze leaf.

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JanettMarie said...

Oh this is right up my alley, I have lots of secrets in my pockets!!

This is a beauty!